WASC Accreditation

WASC's full name is the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, an international educational organization authorized by the U.S. department of education to certify public and private Schools, Colleges and universities. It is also responsible for accreditation of top international schools in the Asia Pacific region.Its accreditation is education-centered and its assessment is rigorous, fair and comprehensive. With WASC certification, the school has the correct running direction and philosophy, high quality of education and teaching, and provides the whole society with the credibility of the school, with world authority and honor. The certification of WASC meets the very high international standards for excellence in education, lays a good foundation for the continuous establishment of elite international schools with high-quality teaching, and provides the most authoritative guarantee. It is one of the most valuable school certifications in the world. Nanjing Echo-Forte International School started its WASC certification in 2017 and has been selected as a candidate school in 2018.