School Values


The vision of NEIS is to "teach truth with a global perspective and encourage practical selfless service". This vision is effectively realized through an unmatched strong curriculum and a highly qualified and experienced faculty. As the NEIS school song "Molder of dream" sings, we enthusiastically embrace this dynamic and ever-changing world, draw nourishment from the enterprising and colorful human society, and make contributions to the future world.

NEIS School Motto:

NEIS Student Learning Objectives

Train students to become critical and creative thinker, effective communicator, transcendent  learner, responsible global citizens, and spiritually minded.

Critical and Creative Thinker

1.1 Can intellectually engage with others on relevant topics with conviction in a credible, logical and effective way.

1.2 Is an inquisitive and independent learner, who can sort and sift data to arrive at a well-informed understanding.

1.3 Applies learned knowledge and skill to help solve problems.

1.4 Critiques and questions his or her own biases.


Responsible Global Citizen 

2.1 Values self and respects all individuals regardless of ethnicity, backgrounds or status.

2.2 Demonstrates cross-cultural sensitivity.

2.3 Promotes social justice and peace.

2.4 Shows concern for global issues giving creative, and constructive solutions.


Effective Communicator 

3.1 Is proficient in English and in at least on other language.

3.2 Can Express him/herself coherently through written, non-verbal and spoken language.

3.3 Can use technology to communicate effectively.


Spiritually Minded  

4.1 Recognizes the necessary practices for a healthy, spiritual development.

4.2 Understands mercy, compassion, and grace.

4.3 Understands mercy, compassion, and grace.

4.4 Is thankful for the divine gifts received and shares these with others.

4.5 Appreciate Judeo-Christians Values which can guide his/her life.


Transcendent  Learner 

5.1 Makes responsible and ethical decisions.

5.2 Collaborates effectively and accepts accountability serving as a positive role model.

5.3 Values academic integrity and produces quality work.

5.4 Is a growth minded individual who takes risks and explores new challenges.