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VR Future Classroom

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With the increasing maturity of virtual reality (VR) technology, it is closely related to education. VR technology can be widely used in the creation of learning scenarios to increase the visualization and enjoyment of educational content, so as to realize simulation training and create an interesting and vivid immersive classroom. Therefore, "VR+ education" has become a hot direction of education reform in the future.

NEIS built a new K-12 grade VR future classroom in 2019 to create a full immersive VR teaching experience for students. The VR platform uses "constructivism" as the basis of teaching theory, and restores the teaching and understanding process of physics, chemistry, biology, geography, history, art and mathematics. VR enables that simulation  and inquiry become the norm of teaching, and creates positive interaction between teacher and student. The cloud database brings feedback and individualized training programs for students' learning practice. Students can continuously cultivate spatial imagination in VR, deconstruct the abstraction of knowledge, restore cognitive processes, and improve the quality of learning through technological means.

The complete solution of all VR equipment systems, software and VR content built by our school is provided by Nibiru Co.. It provide students with a convenient and easy-to-use VR/AR content creation environment. Students can create VR content with basic PC operations. AR content is very suitable for K-12 student groups, with a large number of application scenarios such as courseware production and interest training. Teachers and students use Nibiru Creator to create courseware that saves a lot of time and budget compared to traditional development tools. Students can also participate in the production of courseware, which is equivalent to another preview or consolidation of knowledge points. Nibiru Creator cooperates with Nibiru system and Nibiru's perfect interaction system to form a complete and high-quality solution for VR-based teaching.

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