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Jupiter Ed - Digital Education Platform

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The 21st century is an era of information expansion. Digitalization and informationization are also the mainstream of world education development. For NEIS, how to use IT to train students correctly has become a top priority. The NEIS teacher's aim is to guide the students to open up these new technologies through tools, so that they can integrate in any environment in the future and become the innovator of the new era.

Beginning in 2018, all teachers, students and parents of NEIS have joined the Jupiter Ed learning platform. By using the world's leading LMS (Learning Management System) and the SIS (Student Information System) developed by Jupiter Ed, the school provides a very compact and powerful teaching platform for the kindergarten to grade 12 (K-12).



The founder and most employees of Jupiter Ed are former teachers, so education is at the heart of what we do, and it is why schools find Jupiter so intuitive and our support so insightful. Their mission is to:
✓   Help students learn more and learn faster with interactive, engaging content, and stay on top of their homework
✓   Help parents stay informed and involved in their children’s education
✓   Help teachers monitor their students’ progress, collaborate on curriculum, and spend less time on grading and data entry
✓   Help administrators make more informed decisions, and operate more efficiently on limited budgets


NEIS teachers use Jupiter Ed's phased data analysis to enable students to master their own learning effects and to facilitate self-adjustment of learning attitudes and methods in a timely manner. Through mobile learning technology, teachers can carefully understand the progress and degree of each student's learning, and quickly and easily push personalized learning solutions while paying attention to individual differences.

NEIS's teachers lead each student to a personalized learning journey, which is impossible without digital tools. Our innovative education team integrates these tools invisibly into their curriculum; what is exciting is learning, not tools. The technology we use is part of the student classroom toolkit, just like any other resource. The digital revolution requires us to innovate and explore new ways of learning and teaching. NEIS hopes to provide all of our students with a set of skills that will enable them to thrive and prepare them for future work that does not yet exist.


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