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How exchange students thrive in NEIS's unique education mode

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After the launch of the “American Education Exchange Program” of NEIS, it was followed by many parents who came to inquire for details. Some parents specially visited our campus to conduct on-the-spot investigations and communicated with us on this program. Our International Exchange Center has hosted a school open day and arranged all parents to meet with the school headmaster. In the communication with many parents, we found that a commonly asked question is how student quickly integrates into NEIS’s international environment while the English level of the previous school environment was not high.


Although NEIS primarily uses English as its primary communication medium and uses California Common State Standards and WASC-certified high-level educational standards to guide teaching, our curriculum is still designed for learners with English as a foreign language . Although your child may not have a very high level of English when he/she first comes to our school, the child will thrive in our unique educational model. You might ask: "What makes NEIS so unique, and how can they be so confident?" Here are some of the approaches NEIS implements, which have proved to be effective in assisting children's language adaptation and development.

1. NEIS teachers are specially trained to tackle with students' language problems in the classroom


For students with low English proficiency, it is normal to feel lost when learning core subjects in an English-speaking environment. NEIS teachers have received specialized training to tackle with this situation. Each teacher has a set of skills designed to help your child understand the academic content as much as possible, even if they have a degree of language barrier. In addition, NEIS implements small class teaching, with no more than 16 students in each class. Teachers can notice the performance of each child, and can communicate with students in a timely manner and provide effective help when students encounter difficulties. Through exchanges with foreign teachers and classmates in and out of the classroom, exchange students can quickly improve the overall ability of English in a immersive learning environment.

2. ESL language courses help students build a solid linguistic foundation


NEIS has arranged English courses for children based on their respective language proficiency. The ESL assessment system is divided into four levels and so are the ESL courses. At the time of enrollment, English proficiency tests will be conducted and students will participate in the corresponding level courses according to their own level. This kind of course is in line with the students' own level. Students will not have too much pressure during class because the lesson suits their level, and they can gradually consolidate their English foundation.


Learning core subjects slightly beyond students’ English level and Learning English classes that match their level are perfectly combined. The combination of the two has produced significant results in the English development of existing students.

3. CPR evaluation system helps students make up for gap in English

NEIS has developed a project specifically for students called CPR. Teachers have developed a unique system for assessing the standards of the curriculum that students have not yet mastered. This assessment will take one of three forms: project, presentation or exam. CPR begins before the summer holiday so that students can use the holiday preparation to meet the teacher's request. By completing CPR, student’s understanding of core subject knowledge as well as English is effectively enhanced.

4. One-on-one school teacher's English tutoring

Based on the assessment of the student's English learning, NEIS teachers provide one-on-one tutoring sessions during their teaching hours, so that students can get the necessary support and skills in a one-on-one situation, hence gain the progress they deserve. One-on-one tutoring will carry on and end with the teacher's corresponding assessment. This assessment will serve as the basis for correcting students’ grades.

5. NEIS's annual English Education Summer Camp

NEIS launches a summer camp program in July each year, to help students learn in an immersive American English education environment. In about two weeks' time, your child will be helped successfully to adapt to Egnlish-based learning requirements in NEIS.