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NEIS in the eyes of exchange students' parents

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The new school year of Nanjing Echo-Forte International School has started for two weeks, and the students have gradually found the good old feeling of learning. Recently, we interviewed some exchange students in our school and their parents, and asked their feelings about learning in NEIS. Let us see how they feel!

1. Currently, there are many new international schools. Although callded international schools, they are not necessarily so in nature. The curriculum is not international, and the students are not diversed neither. As a parent, what do you think is the difference between our school and other schools?

There are indeed many international schools today, in most of which there are only Chinese students. Some of them have foreign teachers, but students still communicate in Chinese most of the time after class, therefore they can't maximize the improvement of English . Before my child entered NEIS, I already had a certain understanding. The school was officially approved by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education (with filing in the Chinese Ministry of Education). Students come from all over the world while foreign teachers come from English-speaking countries with high-level pedagogy. After the class, students want to and can only communicate with each other in English, so their English skills can improve quickly. In this immersive, all-English communication environment, students' English proficiency will be improved and developed in all aspects and thus will be superior to that in other schools.

2. As a parent, why have you decided to send your child to study at our school?

The teaching communication environment in English as mentioned above is an important reason for the decision. As we know, students in NEIS not only can learn standard American curriculum, but also have a variety of extracurricular and public welfare activities. Starting from kindergarten, each month is a month for new themes. Students can not only learn about the theme month, but also actively participate in the school to hold related activities, such as Field trip. The school teacher leads the students to go out of the classroom. In-depth and hands-on understanding and learning of the subject knowledge occur every month. For example last year in the month of plant, students were taken to Baguazhou to plant trees, pick strawberries. In the month of animals, student went to the zoo. These are all we have learned from connection to your school Wechat from last year. Not only kindergartens, elementary and middle school students often hold charity marathons, school fairs, science weeks, Overnight camps, etc.. In line with international-standard education, students learn and grow in all aspects from various activites.

3. We know that the main purpose of Chinese students studying in NEIS is to strive to improve their English and strive to study abroad in a top-ranking university. This kind of purpose can also be achieved in the International Department of Chinese High Schools or training institutions. Then why do you still choose to send children to our school? What do you think is unique advantage of NEIS?

I think most importantly not only foreign teachers are from all over the world, students from are so as well. In this truly immersive international environment, all students need to communicate and learn in English. Before studying in NEIS, my child used English in a passive and awkward way, but now she takes the initiative to talk in English and it has become a natural thing internally. In addition, many students who go abroad in middle or high school experience adaptation problems, so that they cannot fit properly. However, under the international environment of your school, students are able to adapt to the diverse environment in advance, and can smoothly integrate after going abroad and go on the right track as soon as possible. By the way as a parent, I will strongly miss my kid abroad. It takes a lot of time and money to visit. But in NEIS, my child can receive good education in American standard while being around, which has lifted many of our concerns. One more thing, we have heard that the school will introduce TOEFL course, and the Chinese teacher will teach the TOEFL course and the skills of ESL test. This is perfectly integrated and complementary with the teaching of foreign teachers. This one-stop service provides a lot of convenience for our children to apply for western top universities, and also solves some worries parents have.

4. Has your child changed in some way after joining NEIS?

When my child first entered the school, the English-language classroom environment was very different from the domestic school's teaching environment, which made him unable to adapt at first, especially in science classes. However the small-size classes enable teacher to give enough attention to each student. After class, the teachers take the initiative to talk to my child, understand some problems and propose solutions. In the classroom, the teachers also question my child more often to let him use more English. When my child can't fully understand the meaning of the foreign teacher, students from other countries will also help translate very actively and friendly. The school environment makes my child improve quickly. For just more than a month, my child has been able to adapt to the English environment. He has also learned to regularly preview in advance and review after. Now my child has been in this immersive English-speaking environment for a year. Not only his English level has been greatly improved, so has new knowledge in each subject. Now he is very confident and happy in the English learning environment in the classroom. I am also very grateful to every teacher of NEIS!

                                                                                                                        ——from talking with parent of an eighth grader

Today Domi told me that he finally understood a little in the science class. I generally understood what the teacher was talking about. Several days ago, the teacher told an example of a crime scene, which he didn’t grasp at all. It takes some time to adapt to learning in English. Finally, I had some right feeling today. I know that today’s science teacher started from Archimedes, to the ingredients of gold, mineral-like ingredients, to stalactites, gasoline, magma, mercury. The whole lesson was a brain storm. He also said that his homeroom teacher is really an American, because he feels the same when he was in San Francisco. On the surface, the teacher is idle, let the students discuss in groups, but they have been paying attention to inspiring them and giving them full support. He has recently been fascinated with mathematics too. Before mathematics was the subject he struggled with. Now he likes mathematics very much, because it is understandable and interesting. After school, he becomes more active in learning, and there is not much homework. It is a pity that his music and football activity time is in conflict, so he has to give up football. He was sad for a few days. He indeed embraces schooling in NEIS.

                                                                                                                        from wechat log of parent of a sixth grader

I know that NEIS is operated with the educational standards of the United States, whether it is the teaching staff or the teaching materials. I feel that learning a language is not just a matter of doing exercises. The biggest function of language is communication. The teaching here is all in English, and the foreign teachers are all native speakers. Children learn and play with foreign teachers every day, not only can learn pure English pronunciation, grammar, but more importantly, they can learn foreign culture, etiquette and so on. As far as I know, most existing school training is for higher scores and students become the machine for examinations. Many people can get high marks, but they learn "dumb English." NEIS is a different place, children can learn its school culture: love, gratitude, dedication.

                                                                                                                         ——from talking with parent of a kindergarten student