Summer Camp

NEIS "Journey to America" International Education Summer Camp

Want to feel a different cultural concept? Want to experience a different way of learning? Want to adapt to a different way of thinking? Then join the annual “Journey to America” English Summer Camp held by Nanjing Echo-Forte International School (NEIS)!


Our English Summer Camp is designed to meet the individual needs of each student. We follow the differentiated approach to learning and focus on the natural stages of children’s development. Using appropriate learning progression with constant Student-Coach interaction through English and Social Skill Activities to promote and maximize an English-speaking environment so students will develop their English communication skills effectively.


Camp Objectives

1. To make English learning a fun experience through a theme “ A trip to America”

2. To improve oral and listening English skills

3. To increase fluency with English reading and writing skills

4. To enhance formal and practical/social English skills

5. To motivate students to continue to practice, improve and use the English language knowledge and social skills succeeding the camp.


Camp Program Description

Our English Camp Program is designed for students who would like to combine a high-quality English language development program with an intercultural experience. The students will experience a trip to America through learning actives where they will develop their language skills. Activities integrate listening, reading,speaking and writing skills at an appropriate level from beginner to advance.

In addition to in-class English as Second Language (ESL) instruction, students will enjoy activities in small groups led by Native English-speaking coaches and Chinese coaches. These activities will be both educational and fun, helping to apply and improve students' language abilities while introducing them to different aspects of life in America. Activities range from organized sports,movies, where students will have maximum opportunity to practice their English in real-life settings. 

English teaching from all foreign teachers - experience the genuine American culture in China

Immersive English conversational environment - Let your English level start to fly

Pure high-end English course - the course that truly cultivates "future diplomats"

New Highlights of Summer Camp 2019

1. Foreign teachers provide a large amount of English courses with lots of information and good fun;

2. More interactive activities focusing on teamwork and innovation;

3. Various musical activities: piano, wind/brass, lego, frisbee, baseball, tennis, American football;

4. Increased high-tech experience: Internet+, robots, drones, VR, radio detection etc..


Featured Theme Events

1. Movie party;

2. Bonfire party;

3. Friendship (Reporting) Awards Ceremony;

4. United Nations Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, Hollywood, English Speech, Masquerade, Talent Show, Camp uniforms drawing, fun games, etc..

Admissions plan, conditions, and fees

Admissions Plan: Recruit 90 students nationwide with limited seats;

Admissions conditions:

1. 9-13 year old;

2. Obey discipline and well-behaved;

3. Have good English skills;

4. Healthy and has certain self-care ability.

Fees: RMB 6,000/person (including education materials, handicraft materials, medals, accommodation, catering, snacks, insurance, two uniforms, certificate of completion, etc.)

Registration time, process, and contact information

Registration time: March 20th - May 10th

Registration process:

- Registration by Wechat;

- pay a deposit of 1000RMB or full amount;

- The approval is passed and submit registration form;

- Receive a formal admission notice;

- Check in on site

Contact Information:

Fixed line: 025-84299377

Mobile Phone: 13270889059 Ms. Yu

WeChat Number: 13270889059

Camp Environment

Class Environment

Fun Activities

Dinning Hall

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