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   The Nanjing Echo-Forte International School is a vibrant and improving place where all teachers are highly valued for the talent and competence they bring for young learners. We currently have about 60 excellent teachers and staffs from more than 10 countries. The school offers many opportunities for professional growth, both on campus and at seminars and conferences around the world.

     At NEIS, you will be part of a great professional team that provides a learning culture that enhances students’ academic ability by serving their social and emotional needs and physical well-being. Students are always number one, and we are committed to protecting children and providing them with a safe place to learn and play. They are always surrounded by a group of adults who just want to provide the best for each child. At NEIS, the principles of trust, empathy and professionalism allow everyone to thrive in their own way.

       We are always developing, and are always looking for innovative and passionate teachers to become part of the school's vision. For interested applicants, please send your cv to

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