1. What is the academic calendar in NEIS?

· Fall semester: September to January

· Spring semester: February to June

2. What are the school hours?

The class starts at 8:00am and finishes at 3:20pm.

3. What curriculum do you teach?

NEIS follows the Common Core Standards of the United States, which outlines each subject’s learning expectations for different grade levels. In specific, NEIS has chosen California’s standards as California is one of the most diverse states in America; thus, it can accommodate needs of our “international” students.

Students are using Macmillan/Macgraw-Hill textbooks from the United States as one of the main resources for their study.

4. What are your class sizes?

The class varies in size but the maximum capacity is 16 for each class and currently the average class size is 8. Within a small group setting, students can receive more attention, care and help from teachers, which positively affects students’ learning and daily life.  

5. What is the application procedure?

1) Schedule a visit

2) Take an entrance exam (for students who are Grade 2 or above)

3) Fill in an online application form (

4) Pay the school fee. Please contact the NEIS office for payment information. (email:

5) Send a copy of the payment receipt to the NEIS office.

You can visit "How to apply" for more information.


6. Is there a deadline for application?

As an international school we have new students starting anytime of the school year, so there is no specific deadline. Applications are accepted throughout the year and students are admitted based on space availability in accordance with NEIS’s Admissions Information. But we encourage families to send the completed application and supporting documentation as soon as possible.


7. Can Chinese student apply to your school?

Chinese student can apply to our school through an exchange program. You can visit "How to apply" and "Exchange Program", or contact the NEIS office for more information

8. Is there any entrance exam to attend NEIS?

Yes. Students who are Grade 2 or above are required to take an English proficiency test to check if they are at a right level. Students who are Grade 9 or above are also required to take a math test.

9. How do you deal with the students with limited English?

Upon teachers’ request, elementary and secondary students are given a chance to do one-to-one or a small-group tutorial with their homeroom or subject teachers with an extra payment. In this way, students can quickly adapt to an English environment.

10. What are the school fees?

School fees include tuition fee, transportation fee, admission fee, textbooks and facility deposit fee. The admission fee and textbook and facility deposit fee are to be paid only once by new students upon enrollment. The deposit fee will be refunded to students who have enrolled in our school for at least one year, whereas admission fee is not refundable. The payment schedule is 2 terms per year. Please visit "Tuition" for detail.

11. Are discounts offered for multiple children?

NEIS offers discounts for families with more than one student enrolling. Please contact NEIS office for details.

12. Does NEIS have a grant program?

Yes. Our school motto is Non Sibi, Noblesse Oblige; it means we should not live for ourselves but it is our obligation to help others in need. Thus, NEIS provides grants for students who need financial aid. If you are interested, please contact our Grant Committee ( for further information.

13. What is your discipline policy?

NEIS has a rigorous discipline policy that aims to prevent bullying and develop the students along a continuum toward becoming self-disciplined, moral, ethical and socially responsible individuals. The discipline system is implemented through a cohesive whole-school approach, and addresses such matters as conduct, behaviour, the uniform, homework etc.. Please refer to Policy in respective schools for more information.

14. Does NEIS provide meals during school time?

Yes,  NEIS provides lunch and snacks and offers a wide range of varied dishes to accommodate different tastes and needs. Students may also bring in their own food. Currently, all food services are free in NEIS!

15. Does NEIS have a boarding program?

Yes. Please visit "Accommodation" for more information.

16. Does NEIS have a school bus?

Yes. Currently our bus routes include Daxinggong, Yinchengdongyuan, Xianlin, Jiangning and Olympic Stadium areas. Please contact NEIS office ( for further details.

17. Are students required to wear uniform?

Yes. Students in NEIS are required to purchase and wear school uniform. One set of the school uniform includes one winter uniform, one summer uniform, one winter P.E. uniform, and one summer P.E. uniform. NEIS’s uniform is made in Korea (except for the neckties and ribbons). The price is based on size, ranging from 1700RMB to 3300RMB for one set. Please contact the NEIS office for more information. 

18. How can I check my child’s grade?

NEIS is using a school management system called Jupiter Ed ( You can check your child’s grade at any time from your mobile or the webpage. Jupiter Ed. is also used as a communication channel between parents and the school.

19. How can I communicate with teachers?

You can send a message to teachers via Jupiter Ed at any time if you have a question and/or concern. Furthermore, once a semester, there is a Parent-Teacher Conference, in which you can meet your child’s homeroom teacher and will have the opportunity to discuss your child’s grades, behavior and progress.

20. Is Mandarin taught in your school?

NEIS provides Mandarin classes for students in all grades. Classes are leveled from beginner to native speaker, and students can progress through the levels at their rate of development.

21. What elective courses do you offer?

At NEIS we offer a wide variety of elective courses and after school activities for all of our students. These activities cover a wide range of interests and hobbies: sports, arts and crafts, academics, technology, music and performance, debate, book-club, and so much more!

22. Do students take field trips?

Yes, all students will have the opportunity to take field trips during the school year. Lower school students often travel and explore the many great opportunities in and around Nanjing, while upper school students have travel opportunities throughout China.

23. Do you encourage parent involvement?

Yes. Parents are welcomed to volunteer in the classrooms and we have a wonderful PTO (Parent Teacher Organization), which is a fundamental part of the school community. PTO helps with school events, organize fundraisers, and promote social activities.

Can't find your question? Feel free to contact NEIS office at or call us with 86-25-84299077.