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New online class platform: Zoom

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February 24, 2020

Dear Parents, 

As we begun semester two, we started e-learning for the first week and this present week. Starting on March 2nd, we will start online teaching through Zoom, which is a video conferencing platform where all the people involved in a meeting can interact, ask questions, hear and see their teacher delivering the classes. The teacher will be able to show the PPTs, videos, do demonstrations, etc. The teacher can ask students to read out loud and all participants can hear each other and have discussions. This is a free software which you will have to download to your computer at, or, the instructions for signing up and downloading are in the Guide below.

Here are a few answers to frequently asked questions relating to online classes that will help you understand the process better: 

What are online classes and how will they work? 
Online classes are lessons delivered by subject teachers with a video conferencing setup. NEIS has chosen the zoom platform to deliver online classes. Teachers will send emails to set up lessons as per a schedule prepared for the next two weeks. A tracking sheet will be maintained by teachers for monitoring student progress and attendance. 

What will happen if students do not attend online classes? 
Missing online classes is like missing classes on regular school days, students will miss out on the important course content being covered during this time. They will have to follow up with the teacher and complete the missed content on their own. 

What about deadlines? 
At this time, students need to ensure that they meet the deadlines that have been set by their teachers.

What if students can’t connect to the internet during the online classes? 
Students should try to avoid this situation. If they encounter difficulty with the internet, they should inform their parents and the teachers about this challenge and together try to resolve it. Students are advised to set up zoom accounts with their email and test a video call beforehand to be fully prepared for the online lessons. 

What is the best thing that can be done to ensure that learning continues during this time? 
The most important thing that students can do is keep up with the schedule/tasks shared with them via Jupiter Ed. Additionally, students are encouraged to remain in close contact with their teachers and meet all deadlines that have been set. If/when a student has a question, they should reach out immediately. 

Who is the contact person in case of any emergency related to online classes? 
Please contact your subject teacher and copy the Mr. Acosta into all communications, one of them will answer your query within 24 hours. 

What are the timings for the online classes? 
The online classes will be arranged during school timings (China Standard Time), hence students need to ensure they are connected to the internet during this time. Each class will have a duration of 40 minutes, a timetable per grade level will be made and sent to your child via Jupiter Ed.

How can parents help? 
Parents have a big role to play; ensure your child/ren has access to the internet; remind them to check emails and Jupiter Ed. everyday evening and early morning; check if their child/ren have set up zoom accounts and above all remind their child/ren to meet all deadline. 

Can parents communicate with a teacher on zoom? 
Parents can write messages to teachers via Jupiter Ed. Zoom is only meant for online classes for teaching and learning. 

Can students use other platforms for video conferencing? 

Students are asked to set up zoom accounts, no other video conferencing platform will be used at this time.

Thank you once again for your cooperation,

Louis Acosta M.Ed


Nanjing Echo-Forte International School

Please click to download: ZOOM User's Guide