Fun Fair

NEIS School Fun Fair


On last April 13th, NEIS held an annual fun fair. Each class from Preschool to Grade 12 opened a variety of game and food booths, which included fishing game, ball toss, cotton candy, sandwiches, etc. Our students and teachers did an excellent job in organizing, setting up and selling with their students.


The PTO (Parent-Teacher Organization) was a great help in looking for food providers (Cafe Suda & Golden Bites), a stage company and a performer, and also opened several booths including food, D.I.Y mini gardens, handmade shop, etc, which enhanced the event.

Some students and parents donated items for raffles, such as an air purifier, Suguo cards, a toaster, and much more. Crown Relocations also sent donations, including travel adaptors, mini rugby balls, mini umbrellas and arm badges.


Additionally, Mr. O’bread donated its gift cards. With these donated items, we were able to have 51 raffle prizes, and everyone was excited to buy raffles tickets which brought in a good amount of revenue.


This year we invited the Junzi Rehabilitation Center where our school visited last Christmas for our Christmas gift bag activity. Junzi, a disabled man himself and famous Chinese singer and the founder of this center, shared his story and sang a song for us. People from the center also did a performance, and they sold their crafts in their booth. Our students and parents were excited to see them in person and bought their crafts to support their center.


In addition, thanks to Mrs. Gu Feifei (G5 Cindy’s mom), Mr.Versa Araya Boris Abel offered a free balloon show, Mrs. Kye Sun Kyung (G4 Chloe’s and PK Irene’s mom) presented a beautiful soprano piece, and Mrs. Li Fang (G1 Darren’s grandmother) played the Dizi, a Chinese bamboo flute. Our students also did fantastic performances, which included a preschool dance, G1 and G2 songs, G6 Dora’s ocarina solo, G11 Matthew’s piano solo, a secondary students and teachers dance and the elementary and secondary school handbell choirs. 


During the fair, everyone had a good time and relaxed in a family-centered atmosphere. In addition, we raised approximately 10,000RMB in total, and we will be using these funds to build a dance/drama room on the 3rd floor and an indoor playroom on the 2nd floor of the Non Sibi building.


We sincerely appreciate all the hard work that our students, parents and guests have made to make this event a success. With the experience of this year, we look forward to an exciting fun fair next year!




Louis Acosta

Head of School