Requirement for opening the school

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April 1st, 2020

Dear Parents,

We hope you are all well and eager to start classes soon. We would like to announce that the school has been preparing for the opening by putting in place all the safety measures required by the provincial bureau. We have had several visits but we can open the school only after the educational bureau gives permission to open the school so it seems it is not possible to resume classes at the school on April 7th as scheduled. Therefore, we would like to ask parents to follow all the requirement given by the school.

It is very important that all students are reporting their body temperatures through Jupiter Ed. If there is a problem in doing this, please report it to your child’s homeroom teacher.  According to the most recent requirement of the Jiangsu government and Educational Bureau, before the school opens, we will need to report students’ daily body temperature and their family members’ health information. The family members include the ones who are living together with the students (For example, if a student’s father is currently not living with a student, his/her father’s information is not required).

For those who are in Nanjing, you can send your family members’ green code (苏康码) if the member is an adult and/or report family members’ daily body temperature if the member does not have the green code or the member is too young to have the green code.

For those who are outside of China, you will need to report your family members’ body temperature along with your child’s temperature everyday.

Please upload the required information along with your child’s body temperature everyday on Jupiter Ed. until the school opens (The green code can be sent only once).

Thank you for your cooperation.


Louis Acosta M.Ed.