NEIS COVID-19 prevention effort for the new semester

Click volume:   Time:2020-04-07 13:45

In order to prepare for the spring semester of 2020, and in particular to make various preparations for COVID-19 prevention and control, some teachers and logistics service staff of NEIS have started working at the school at the end of March. They have made complete cleaning and disinfections for school buildings, classrooms, canteen, dormitories, and playground etc., and sourced various materials needed for epidemic prevention.

Beginning February 18th, all Chinese and foreign teachers have been teaching students with online classes on a regular basis. At the same time, they have been carefully monitored and reported the temperature of each student everyday on Jupiter Ed. All teachers also report their temperature information to school headmaster through WeChat everyday. Regular online meetings have been organized for teachers to learn and implement the education department's requirements for school epidemic prevention and control. With regard to the concerns of parents, NEIS has been keeping timely communication for the latest situation through Jupiter Ed and the school website update. Everything done is for the health, safety and continuous learning of all NEIS students.

On April 6, all the teachers and staff went to the school to further discuss how to improve the effect of online classes, as well as to exchange various safety, health, and other preparations for the new semester. All teachers also genuinely practiced the steps of  temperature measuring, dining and so on, so as to guide the students to implement extensively.

The epidemic is gone, and the spring flowers is beautiful! No effort will be wasted, and no persistence will be left out! 

In the season of spring, NEIS looks forward to the return of healthier, more confident and stronger students!