Elementary Overnight Camp to Yanzhou Campsite in Yangzhou

On April 25-26, 2019, the elementary students (grades 2 to 5) attended the annual overnight camp. This year the overnight camp took place at Yanzhou Campsite. Students were very excited to have an opportunity to enjoy various activities and spend a night with their friends.

On the first day, students had lunch then went on a jungle adventure and horseback riding. Later in the evening, they had BBQ for dinner. With teachers’ help, some students also had a chance to do BBQ with their own food. This was a special dinner that was enjoyed by all. After dinner, everyone had fun playing an outside game called Sardines.

On the second day, students rode paddle boats around a lake. Unfortunately, students were not able to ride go-carts due to safety concerns caused by rainy weather. They packed up their belongings, cleaned the camper cars, and ate a delicious meal before heading back to NEIS.    

Everyone had a wonderful time this year and we are looking forward to overnight camp next year!