2020 Graduation Ceremony of NEIS

On the sunny afternoon of May 11, 2020, Nanjing Echo-Forte International School held a special graduation ceremony in the auditorium—online live broadcasts abroad were synchronized with offline event in school. Two venues at home and abroad, though separated by thousands of miles, are together. The Covid-19 epidemic blocked people's footsteps, but it couldn't stop us from gathering together to witness and celebrate the glorious moment of graduates.


At one o'clock in the afternoon, all the teachers and students stood in the auditorium on the first floor of the school. The graduation ceremony kicked off in the sacred and majestic national anthem.

First of all, Pastor Kang led everyone to pray and bless the school graduates. Grateful for the past and looking forward to the future, he wished the students not to be afraid of difficulties, to move forward bravely, to grow more sincere, stronger and more wise in all challenges. With dreams, go to embrace the world!

Then, as a model student of the Chinese program, Korean student Hwang, Kyeongwon delivered a sincere gratitude speech through live broadcasts, expressing gratitude to the school, all teachers, and reluctance to separate with all classmates.

Then Headmaster Mr. Louis Acosta delivered a speech. He earnestly spoke about the current epidemic situation and the possible future. He sincerely hopes that students will pursue equality, care for life, learn to share, unite friendship, and establish correct values. And they can have long-term goals, adapt themselves to the society on a down-to-earth basis, and create a beautiful and meaningful life to benefit the world. Mr. Acosta's remarks revealed his educational values. This is not only a high expectation for graduating students, but also an inspiration for all teachers and parents present.

After that, Student representative Matthew from English program made a sincere and humorous graduation speech. He was grateful for the school's cultivation of him, grateful for the teacher's instructions, thanked his parents for their nurturing, and thanked his classmates for their help and encouragement. At the same time, he also made two suggestions to encourage the younger cohorts. First of all, we must manage ourselves and be a responsible person who can dominate our own life. Second, we must remember that all efforts should not be limited to material rewards, but also to seek spiritual gains and so on.

Immediately afterwards was an emotional scene. The graduating speeches recorded by each graduate are played on the big screen in order to share their gratitude to the school, their attachment to teachers and their classmates. And with photos of them from young children to young adults, audiences all sighed with emotion that how time flies. Their past is still vivid in memory, and they will spread their wings from now on and leave their mother school-a place that is condensed with their best years. They will soar into the wider sky.

Finally, Mr. Ann, chairman of NEIS, delivered a lively closing speech through live broadcast, combined with humorous and easy to understand performance, to tell students two life philosophy: First, "don't regret", that is, don't let your life go on the path of regret even if you are pushed back to the original point by failure, you must strive to use failure as a stepping stone to success, and never give up; Second, "what you see is not necessarily true", in other words, what is seen is not necessarily the truth. Be aware that what you see may be confusing, and you need to use wisdom to explore true knowledge. He turned his deep affection and longing for the graduating students into a breeze, and sent the children the warmest blessings.

After the graduation speech, there was the exciting awards ceremony. Teacher representatives presented certificates of merit to outstanding graduates. At this moment, all affirmations and praises are carried on this extraordinary certificate, leaving the students to taste in the future, and open their new hopes and new journeys.

Finally, it is the very grand ceremony to present diplomas. The three headmasters and Chinese program director Mr. Xue personally issued graduation certificates for the graduates, accompanied by handshake, hugs, and flowers, giving the students confidence in the future and the strength to fly in the sky.


With warm applause, the graduation ceremony came to an end successfully. It’s hoped that the "modest gentleman, elegant lady" graduated from NEIS will adhere to our school motto "NON SIBI NOBLESSE OBLIGE", care for the world, and continue to flourish!