Graduate Flow


As of January 2019, Nanjing Echo-Forte International School has been running for 16 years, and 13 cohorts of outstanding graduates have been sent to many famous universities in the world. These include China's Tsinghua University (9 people), Fudan University (15 people), Shanghai Jiaotong University (23 people), Zhejiang University (29 people), Korea's Sungkyunkwan University (3 people), Yonsei University (2 people), Hanyang University (5 people), Kyung Hee University (2 people), Ewha Woman’s University (2 people), and Michigan State University (known as the "public Ivy League" university in the U.S.), University of Nevada, College of Hotel Administration (the School of Management, ranked 2nd in the United States), Fullerton College, and National University of Singapore (QS World University ranked 11th), Australia's Macquarie University (ranked 9th in Australia) and International College of Hotel Management. These universities are ranked fairly high in their countries and even in the world.

Statistics of  University Admissions 2006-2018

World Ranking of Chinese and Korean Universities

Statistics of University Admission and Major by Year