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Shim—Straight A student got two top university offers

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       My name is Shim Jun Hyuk, and came to the Chinese Department of Nanjing Echo-Forte International School from 10th grade. My school has provided great help for our foreign students to apply for admission to China's prestigious universities. The teaching of the 12th grade English classroom is centered on the outline requirements of the Chinese university entrance examination. From the basic vocabulary and sentence pattern learning to the reading comprehension and writing training, my English basic skills are well developed. This allowed me to achieve an ideal grade in English subjects in the undergraduate entrance examination.

Our high school English class helps students to consolidate their English foundation and improve their grades. Furthermore, we are more concerned with improving students' listening and speaking ability and how to use English to express their opinions. How to communicate effectively with people from different cultures is the main teaching goal. At the end of the course, students can become effective communicators, learners with critical thinking, and global citizens with a sense of social responsibility. So in our English class, students have more opportunities to practice the English skills they have learned, not just using English as a tool for exams. Students often use English to discuss and discuss their own topics in the classroom. The teacher will give evaluation and guidance based on the individual's expression. In the process of learning, we attach more importance to the development of students' self-learning ability. The overall score of English is not only judged by the score on paper, but by the students' participation in the discussion, group cooperation, classroom attitude and other indicators. Students can learn English vocabulary and grammar in a relaxed and open way, and they can also exercise their thinking and analysis skills and cultivate team spirit.

Foreign students who wants to enroll in Chinese university are required to take the entrance examination set by universities themselves. Because students apply for multiple universities, the mathematics exam syllabus of each individual university must be considered. Although the difficulty is lower, the scope of keypoints is no less than the college entrance examination. Foreign students learn mathematics in a foreign language, Chinese, so special terminology will be emphasized in the teaching process. For example, oblique line equations, straight prisms etc.. I used a special math notebook to record these special nouns and corresponding knowledge points, with some have images as well

I know that learning mathematics is very important for university application and other subjects, and I also like to learn in a step-by-step manner. After completing the exercises in the textbook, my teacher will also arrange typical questions for different college mathematics selection exams. The school also prepared a knowledge point booklet for students to find and remember at any time.

       Homeroom teacher comment:

       Shim Jun Hyuk's always cheerful and polite. He studies hard and is serious about learning. Although he came to our school faily late from G10, with his good understanding and unremitting efforts, his academic performance has been greatly improved. At the same time, the monthly best student award and the annual progress award were awarded many times.

       He is good at communication and has a strong sense of responsibility. He is recommended by the students as the dormitory monitor. He is responsible for the communication between the dormitory students and the school. During his tenure, he helped the school to improve the regulations and help the students solve many problems. For himself, he has high standard for everything and has a strong ability to mange himself.

       In addition, he is particularly passionate about sports. He likes to play basketball, play football, play badminton and so on. He often uses free time at school to exercise, and often participates in various sports competitions, bringing glory for his class.

       After unremitting efforts, Shim Jun Hyuk finally obtained the acceptance from Shanghai Jiaotong University and Fudan University with excellent results.