Model Student

Lim Jisu—A Talent in Shanghai Jiaotong University

Click volume:   Time:2019-11-22 08:29

Lim Jisu is a person who loves life and strives for a better future. She was admitted to Shanghai Jiaotong University with excellent results.

When she was a high school student, she came to China to study. In order to adapt to China's study and life as soon as possible, she worked very hard to learn Chinese. Hard work payed off, and a year later, she achieved HSK6. At the same time through the Chinese culture class, she had a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and was more adapted to life in China.

Lim likes to learn musical instruments, and is proficient in flute, piano, hand bells, ukulele and so on. She does not play for getting certificate,  and she plays simply for joy and her level is good. She has participated in many concerts inside and outside the school.

    She also likes to travel, and has traveled to Australia, the Philippines, Japan, Europe and many cities in China. Tourism has increased her knowledge and broadened her horizons.

     She actively participates in various activities of the school, produces posters for various activities, weekly reading seminars, friends activities, charity marathons, and so on.