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Jin Ziyi—1st Prize in English Contest of Jiangsu

Click volume:   Time:2020-04-29 10:58

My name is Ziyi Jin, with English name Linda. I started studying at Nanjing Echo-Forte International School in 2010. From kindergarten to the sixth grade of elementary school, the happy time of seven years in NEIS is like a flash of light. But now to me it is also like a memory from yesterday.

NEIS is a different school. She has an open educational model, a relaxed and enjoyable learning atmosphere, and a team of outstanding and loving teachers from different countries. The mission of NEIS is to cultivate students with international vision, world sentiment, selfless dedication, innovative spirit and critical thinking. All this has made me a different one. In the eyes of my classmates, I have an optimistic, loving, and positive attitude towards life; in the eyes of the teacher, I have a scientific and rigorous way of thinking and pioneering and innovative consciousness.

Here are my experiences growing up over the years:
          - Admitted to Hexi Junior High School of Nanjing Foreign Languages School by outstanding middle school entrance exam results;
          - Appraised as an excellent class cadre and outstanding class representative at the school;
          - In 2019, the "Star Torch" National English Proficiency Competition won the special gold medal for the oral individual project, the gold medal for the talent individual project;
          - Received the first prize of Jiangsu province in the "Star of Hope" English Competition in 2019;
          - Gold Award in Golden Melody Singing Contest
          - First prize in the photography contest

        I hope that NEIS will be better and better, and that more students will have the opportunity to receive the high-quality international education NEIS provides!