Model Student

Matthew Yang—The Pianist "Lang Lang" of NEIS

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       I am a 12th grader who is about to graduate. I have studied at this school since kindergarten. Time flies, and 13 years of lush years pass by. People say that happy times are always short-lived, I think so. For NEIS, I always keep a grateful heart.

       I am grateful that NEIS has a relaxed and free environment. I think that for a student, the biggest influence on him is his environment. The importance of a good learning environment to a student is self-evident, and NEIS is such a place. I have never seen bullying in this school since I was young. On the contrary, although the students here are from different countries and even their respective cultures are different, they are very warm and friendly and respect each other. This environment is very comfortable, very happy and very secure.

       I am grateful, the teachers here, the classroom here, also give people a sense of security. Here, students respect teachers and teachers care for students, and there is no difference in treatment. Each teacher has his own way of education, which is unique to this school. In class, everyone listened with humility, discussed together, and spoke freely. When I was young, I became more and more confident and brave. Therefore, I also suggested my sister choose to join NEIS.

       I am grateful that the teachers here are not only responsible for teaching, but also do everything they can to help the students. I am currently preparing various essays for university application. My teachers are very responsible. They carefully help me to modify and give me various suggestions, just like treating their own school work.

       I am grateful that NEIS has a wealth of activities. For example, charity marathons, bazaars, reading seminars, Christmas concerts, etc. These activities help us to further understand and experience the society, expand our knowledge, improve our practical ability, teach us the gratitude and feedback in the real world, and provide us with a better platform for demonstrating various talents.

       Here, I have achieved a good harvest of both my studies and my hobbies. I took a TOEFL of 109, a SAT of 1410. It is with these foundations that I have the confidence to apply for UCLA, Emory University, etc.. I passed the piano tenth grade in the sixth grade. But I am not satisfied. This is just a new beginning. I often participate in various performances at the school and the music companies, and won the silver medal in the Asia Pacific Finals of the 6th German Mendelssohn International Piano Competition in 2018.