Model Student

Park Joo Hyun—An alumni graduated from MSU

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On September 1st in the new school year of 2008Nanjing Echo International School welcomed a new group of students. This includes a pair of Korean sisters, Park Joo Hyun and Park Seong Hee, who are still young then. From that day on, the two started a new life in China.

Since Park Joo Hyun entered the school, she has shown a hard working attitude. No matter in the classroom or in the library, you can always see her studying hard. Her level of Chinese and English has improved rapidly, and her academic performance has been among the best in our school, and she has won the first-class scholarship of the school. In the end, she lived up to her expectations and became the second student admitted to Michigan state university, majoring in the popular business administration.

In my impression, she is optimistic, cheerful and positive. Though I had not seen her for many years, her warm smile kept flashing in my mind. In my memory, I have never seen Park Joo Hyun worry about something. On the contrary, she always used her enthusiasm and optimism to influence every student around her, especially those who have just come to China to study. She was always willing to help.

It was September this year that I heard from her again. She has now worked as an administrator in a large enterprise in Korea, and it is gratifying to see what she has achieved for me as a teacher. What moved me more was that she said that her education in middle school had a great influence on her. At that time, she realized that wellbeing is doubled when helping others. In the future, she will help more people and expect more graduates from NEIS to do the same.