The preschool department of Nanjing Echo-Forte International School is divided into nursery class, pre-kindergarten class and kindergarten by age. Our specialty is to guide children through the basic courses to build a core module for the development of a lifelong love of learning. And we offer a wide range of extracurricular activities to develop their character and to develop an understanding of the different cultures of the world.


Our goals for educating our preschool learners are:

To develop holistic learners who are independent and caring individuals, protectors of the environment and have a great sense of diversity and respect for others.

To inspire these learners to develop a love for learning, establishing the foundation for lifelong learning.

To discover their individual capabilities and purposes.

To make learning for children a meaningful experience by providing a curriculum imbued with developmentally appropriate practices such as play-based activities, literature-based instruction, cooperative learning and discovery learning.



The ideas we envision for our primary students are for these learners to:

Become responsible citizens

Be creative

Be well-rounded individuals

Possess integrity


We aim to provide our Primary Learners with a holistic and stimulating learning environment through/by:

activities that enhance their potential

teaching them to become critical thinkers through systematic problem solving

creative thinking

an interest and appreciation for literature using meaningful literacy experiences and instruction

meaningful interaction with others to build sensitivity and compassion

performance arts, constructive play and sports activities where they can feel free to express themselves.


Our goal is to provide a learning environment responsive to the children’s needs and interests. We aim to provide and encourage children to take on new tasks, to enhance their cognitive and physical abilities, as well as nurture them spiritually, emotionally and socially.


Our Pre-K and Kindergarten curriculum covers themes and sub-themes relevant to the child’s life in order to make learning stimulating and intellectually engaging. Our Literature-based Reading Program increases their competencies in core subject areas such as English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. The Four-Pronged Approach in Reading Instruction is implemented in order to instill the love for reading and the love for learning.

Music, movement, arts and values are integrated in all subject areas so as to encourage holistic development, good character and the pursuit of ideals.

Our curriculum provides young learners with an enjoyable learning environment that adopts various learning approaches designed to encourage active student participation.

Afternoon classes help our young learners to develop multiple intelligences. These classes include kiddie hour (art and cooking) physical education, dance, performance arts, music and choir, computer, zoology and gardening.

Most importantly, NEIS has adopted the American Common Core State Standards in providing the most relevant knowledge and skills that our young learners need to become globally competitive and academically successful.

NEIS Preschool 2019-2020 Academic Year Timetable:

Nursery Schedule








(30 minutes)

Arrival, place one’s belongings in the cubby hole, change shoes, hang coats

Free Play

Bathroom use


(20 minutes)

Morning Circle Time

Morning Exercise

Singing nursery songs/ action songs

Getting familiar with Days of the Week

Check and draw the weather

Doing classroom jobs


(30 minutes)

Bathroom use, snack time, clean up

9:30- 10:05

(35 minutes)


Early Mathematics

Affective and Social Development Activity

Science Activity

Physical Development Activity


(10 minutes)

Clean up, water break, bathroom use

10:15- 10:45

(30 minutes)

Dramatic Play


Music and Movements


Cooking & Nutrition


(10 minutes)

Wash hands, lunch, walk around before nap time, bathroom use


(135 minutes)

Nap time, make bed, change clothes, groom one’s self, bathroom use


(35 minutes)

Snack time, free play, clean up, bathroom use


(25 minutes)

Goodbye Circle Time

Review songs/ lessons learned

Sing the goodbye song

Gather one’s belongings

Line up before leaving

Take the bus

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Schedule

Please click on the links below to learn more about the Kindergarten Curriculum System.

NEIS Preschool 2019-2020 Schedule - Nursery

NEIS Preschool 2019-2020 Schedule - Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten

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NEIS Preschool Common Core Teaching Standard - Mathematics

NEIS Preschool Common Core Teaching Standard - Science

NEIS Preschool Common Core Teaching Standard - Social Studies

NEIS Preschool Course Map - English

NEIS Preschool Course Map - Mathematics

NEIS Preschool Course Map - Science and Social Studies

NEIS Preschool - Literature-based reading program and English