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NEIS "American Education Exchange Program"

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The “American Education Exchange Program” launched by the Nanjing Echo-Forte International School has been well received by parents and students. Through the educational  experiences in NEIS, students can not only improve their practical skills in oral English, but also effectively improve their English reading and writing skills for academic purposes. A more economical and comfortable American education experience is provided for students, laying a solid preparation for further study in western universities.


Experience the immersive English learning atmosphere at NEIS

The “American Education Exchange Program” launched by NEIS is carried out at NEIS campus, recruiting 6 to 18 year old students for one academic year or longer from Nanjing and surrounding areas.

NEIS School uses textbooks based on American curriculum to develop courses in accordance with the most advanced educational system in the United States. The teachers are recruited globally to provide students with authentic international education. In NEIS, small-sized class teaching is implemented, with no more than 16 students per class. Teaching and learning standard, festival celebration, and school activities are fully developed in accordance with the US education system. At NEIS, you can experience a series of international school events such as the Christmas Student Concert, the annual school fun fair, hilarious Drama Day etc..

At the same time, NEIS students come from all over the world, just like a small United Nations, and English is a universal language naturally. This is a pure immersive atmosphere of using English for Chinese students.

Reasonable cost, Elite educational experience

One difference between studying in NEIS and in the U.S. is that the latter requires a greater cost of tuition and living expense. For calculation by common standard, the monthly living expense in the United States is about 6000RMB, and the tuition is at least 150,000RMB for an excellent private elementary school or junior high school per year. These add up to at least 220,000RMB in one year, which does not include other expenses, such as round-trip airfare, travel expenses, and parental expenses.

NEIS's tuition for one year is just more than 100,000RMB and that’s all. Because the cost of living in a foreign country is no longer needed, the financial burden on families is greatly reduced. This saving can be spent on happy family trips overseas for during the school holidays.

An exchange program with respect on parent-child relationship

Nowadays in education industry, there are not many overseas summer camps and exchange programs. But if you really take your child to live and study at the other end of the globe, there will be many problems, especially for small children or teenagers under the age of 18.

In the mainstream countries for international students like U.S., Canada and Australia, young children need to be accompanied by at least one parent.This will result in a “pseudo single parent” family – Dad works at home to make money, and the mother becomes a full-time mother to take care of the child abroad. This environment is not conducive to the cultivation of family intimacy. Dad is lonely at home, and mom will also have strong discomfort due to language barrier and narrow social circle.

If a child lives alone abroad, there may be more psychological discomfort. Language, culture, and environment change abruptly. For teenagers, it will be more likely to be counterproductive. Young students usually miss family and friends at home a lot, rely or even indulge in the Internet, and become reluctant to integrate into local community. Obviously, this is not the purpose of parents to send their children abroad with high cost!

Choosing NEIS, a local school for foreigners in Nanjing, can avoid the above problems to the utmost extent. The child studies at school for seven hours during the day, takes the school bus home in the evening and communicates with the parents about the school life of the day, and can still meet good friends during weekend! The negative impact of external environment of children's learning is greatly reduced, and cultural conflicts are greatly alleviated. Living with families is the most comfortable way of life!

Thank you for your interest on NEIS. If you are interested in applying for the “American Education Exchange Program”, you may wish to visit our school with further discussion. Please visit “How to Applyfor further information, or follow us on Wechat and make an appointment with us.

Appointments during school days can be scheduled between 9AM and 3PM. Admission office works normally during summer and winter holidays. Please contact us for appointment.