NEIS Open Day

Nanjing Echo-Forte International School---Welcome to School Open Day

Nanjing Echo-Forte International School (NEIS) is an International School for children of foreigners in Nanjing area. Founded in 2003, the school has been approved by the Education Department of Jiangsu province.It is the only international school in Nanjing that uses the American K-12 curriculum system. The school registered and located at No.12, Qianyuan Street, Hushu Town, Jiangning District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China. The school campus covers an area of over 30,000 m2. Foreign students are from Korea, United States, Canada, Pakistan, he Philippines, Egypt, Cameroon, Colombia and other  countries. In-service foreign teachers are from United States, Korea, South Africa, New Zealand, Costa Rica, the Philippines and others. From 2018, the school was successfully selected to be the WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) accredited candidate school.

NEIS combines a variety of interdisciplinary American STEM+ART top-level courses with American popular theme knowledge games, so that every student can receive a comprehensive study of Chinese and Western cultures and grow up happily and healthily. In the past 16 years of schooling, it has been fruitful. Our school has a high quality of faculty, a strong cohort of students, and a good reputation for school operation! NEIS has a “Chinese Curriculum Class” for foreign students to strengthen and improve their learning of Chinese language and culture, and prepare them for applying to Chinese universities.

With globalization going deeper, a pure foreign children's school is increasingly favored by parents. NEIS aims at providing quality education for foreign children in Nanjing and surrounding areas, and also at better serving the local community. To allow more Chinese families to have the opportunity to experience diverse international education, NEIS hosts School Open Day in November and May every academic year.

Parents will have the opportunity to learn about the education of NEIS, visit the school environment, interact with the teachers and students of NEIS, observe the daily classroom lessons. Parents can also meet face-to-face with the academic headmaster, a senior educator who has 35 years of teaching and school management experience and up-to-date educational philosophy. With all above, parents can have in-depth exploration of every aspect of a foreign children's school.

It is hoped that parents can learn more about NEIS through first-hand experience during the Open Day. We warmly welcome you to come and feel the pure American education, and look forward to seeing you as a member of NEIS community!

Highlights of Previous School Open Day:

NEIS successfully held the campus open day on November 20, 2018. 60 parents from more than 30 families who are interested in our school came to visit.

Academic headmaster Mr. Acosta hosted today’s event. He first gave all parents detailed introduction on NEIS's curriculum system, qualifications, educational philosophy, future development, pedagogical plans, student management, etc.. Especially on how to help students with different levels of English to adapt to school learning, and how to refine school curriculum to accommodate Chinese exchange students, Mr. Acosta answered many questions from parents.

Later Mr. Acosta and the principals led the parents to visit the Preschool Department, the Elementary School, the Middle/High School and the student apartment respectively, while having a friendly communication.

Afterwards, parents and children from different ages walked into the respective classroom to experience American open classes. The US Common Core State Standard (CCSS) textbook used by NEIS left a deep impression on parents. After observing class, some parents took the students to take the entrance test.

At noon, the teacher and the parents and students enjoyed a full lunch at the school.

After the open day, some parents appraise NEIS highly and share their feelings with us: the school's accommodation and facilities are quite sound, which greatly exceed their expectations; the school meals are various and nutritious. The dessert and fruit salad after dinner make them feel good.

Through school open day, parents found differences in the concept and style of Chinese and the U.S. education. Parents who attended open class in the preschool observe that kindergartners can switch between three languages at any time during the class, which shows that the school's multi-language environment has laid a very solid linguistic foundation for children. Teachers in the primary and secondary school are full of passion, and the interactive learning atmosphere has deeply infected parents and led parents to participate in class as well. The school's small class education and teacher-student ratio are also what parents think high of NEIS. The efficiency of learning in this class environment can actualized, and every child can get the attention and support by the teacher. After the event, many parents expressed their wish that their children can receive unique education through the NEIS exchange program.

Thank you for your interest on NEIS. If you are interested in applying for the “American Education Exchange Program”, you may wish to visit our school with further discussion. Please visit “How to Apply” for further information, or follow us on Wechat and make an appointment with us.

Appointments during school days can be scheduled between 9AM and 3PM. Admission office works normally during summer and winter holidays. Please contact us for appointment.