NEIS's boarding service focuses on developing student’s social skills and independence on the basis of ensuring their comfort and well-being across all ages. Each room in our dormitory is spacious and modern, and two or three students share one room. All rooms are equipped with tables and chairs, beds, floor heating, air conditioning, private bathroom, electric blanket, dressing table, etc. Boarding students can use the many independently designed lounge spaces and facilities in the school to communicate, rest, read and play etc. with their classmates.

All dormitories at NEIS are segregated according to gender. NEIS has a strict co-ed visitation policy that is limited to common rooms during certain hours of the day only.

A Resident Advisor (RA) is present at each building. The RA is responsible for waking up students in the morning and enforcing our lights-out policy in the evening. In addition, RAs check each room on a random but regular basis.

To help the students maintain accountability in their studies, our dormitory stipulates a mandatory self-study program at night (18:30-20:30) which is supervised by various teachers from the school. This time serves as a great opportunity for students to ask questions, preview/review their classes, complete homework, read, etc. 

Sharing a room with other people is tougher than one might expect. Students are required to learn how to cooperate with each other while sharing the same room with limited resources, and learn how to respect each other’s privacy while living in close contact. Such experiences are a catalyst for maturation, providing a unique setting for honing in conversations geared at collaboration and skills in conflict resolution.


Though dorm life can be challenging, nevertheless, with the right program in place, we here at NEIS, have found that the reward is far superior. The friendships formed here become life-long and are founded on a level of interaction few experience in life.


The accommodation fee for the 2019-2020 school year is RMB 1,1800 to RMB 16,300 per semester.

Please click on the links below for more information on NEIS dormatory management: NEIS Dormatory Handbook 2019-2020