WSA stands for Whole School Assembly. It is an assembly held by NEIS every Monday morning. All the teachers and students of the entire school attend it together. Through the weekly WSA, each NEIS teacher introduces one theme to all students, and shares personal knowledge, experiences, life perspectives, and values.

NEIS unites every teacher and student through the power of WSA. The assembly is a celebration of the vision and values of the school; it provides a platform to promote communication and to allow students to re-examine their attitudes towards all aspects of school life.

Each WSA theme is selected for children's interests and concerns: legends, fables, folktales, historical figures and events, true stories, recent news, and etc. Many WSA themes reflect the values of tolerance, respect, honesty, thoughtfulness, sincerity, generosity, care for others, and care for the world, all of which are inspiring and thought-provoking. Considering the differentiations in ages, in backgrounds and in maturity, WSA aims to inspire everyone to understand what they can understand, from the simplest truth to deeper meanings beyond the texts.

You can check out some of the themes and texts used in WSA.

       NEIS WSA-Dedication

       NEIS WSA-Inquiry

       NEIS WSA-Ironman

       NEIS WSA-Global Citizenship