Gift-Bag Trip

NEIS Christmas Gift Bag Activity to Junzi Rehabilitation Center

On December 27th, NEIS students and teachers visited the Junzi Rehabilitation Center. The Junzi Rehabilitation center was founded by Junzi, a famous Chinese disabled singer, and he has held many concerts and/or speeches throughout China and the world to help disable people in China. He has been donating 80% of his income to the center for many years so the center can provide rehabilitation training, vocational training, shelter, employment, art training, foster care, and disability assistance for the disabled. There are about 30 disabled people from the age of 10 to 30.

In order to help these disabled people, NEIS students and teachers donated a Christmas bag with items that the center needed, such as rice, noodles and roll tissues.

On December 27th, several students and teachers went to the center to deliver the bags, toured the center and saw delicate crafts made by the disabled people there. Then Mr. Junzi came to give a short speech to our students. Our 3rd grade students presented “Silent Night” with English sign language, and our elementary and secondary handbell choirs presented their handbell pieces. The representative of the center said that the disabled people in the center had never heard handbells before. Several disabled people also presented solo singing and a dance. Though they were physically and/or mentally disabled, they had a wonderful voice, good sense of rhythm and above all great spirit and wanting to do their best.

Through this hands-on experience of visiting the rehabilitation center, our students learned a lot. Here is a part of the reflection on the visit, written by Grade 10 student, Eunah Jeong.

“Today’s experience reminds me of our school’s motto “Non sibi Noblesse Oblige”. I have learned that I should not only think about myself but also need to help the weak in the society. I also learned that I should not only study in a desk, but I also need to participate in this kind of activity frequently and study by helping others in the society.”

We sincerely appreciate all of the students, parents and teachers for donating the gift bags, providing presentations and making this activity meaningful to our students and the disabled people.