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Dora Jin-A Talent Goes to FAY School

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       My name is Dora, I am a 6th grade exchange student at NEIS. It has been a pleasure having the chance to come to NEIS where there are friendly students, a good learning environment, and responsible teachers.  In addition to going to normal classes each day, I also worked on a project of applying to U.S. schools, which were Fay, Bement, Rumsey Hall, and two others.

       These are the top 5 middle schools that are suitable for girls in the United States. Even though I was applying to five schools, my main goal was to be accepted into Fay, the best middle school that a female student can apply to in the USA. Located in Massachusetts, Fay has a perfect environment for a student who wants to learn in a quiet place. Different from ordinary Chinese schools, Fay has so much more than just academic buildings for ordinary learning: it has swimming pools, climbing walls, Dodgeball fields and Art Buildings, which are all the fun places to learn.  

       Fay, unlike most of the middle schools (apart from the five schools I mentioned), has high standards. First, you must get A, A- or A+ on all your subjects, to have a high GPA (grade point average), for all your classes. After all, this is just the basic standard. You must get 850+ in TOEFL Junior, 1950+ in SSAT, and, most importantly, two recommendation letters from your English and Math teacher. After all of this, you get permission to have an interview with the school’s admission officer. Fortunately, I was God blessed with fate. I successfully became a future student of Fay. This is built upon the strong teachers’ team at NEIS. They gave me great knowledge and lots of encouragement.   

       I think I succeeded because of this motto. In the future, nobody is padding you on the back. Your life depends on your choices. If you don’t work hard, then it’s your choice. Your parents one day will leave you, so push yourself to do the things that are right.

         Note: Fay School is an independent mixed-sex boarding school located in Southborough, Massachusetts, 40 kilometers from Boston. It covers 66 acres (270,000 square meters) and is the oldest and No.1 ranking junior high boarding school in the United States. The school enrolls very few international students each year, and the admission rate is lower than that of Harvard University.