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Kim—A Tsinghua "Echo" steeping into the UN

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Have a "real dream"

8th Class Graduate Kim Seon Kee


Hello dear schoolmate, I am Kim Seon Kee, the eighth class graduate of Nanjing Echo-Forte International School. I graduated from Tsinghua University in July this year and currently works at the UN Asia Pacific Regional Headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand. I have a dream that I cherish from the time in NEIS, and I have been persisting until now. Today I want to share this story with everyone.

High School

When I was in 12th grade in NEIS, one day headmaster Mr. Ann summoned us to talk about our future. Before I met him, I seriously thought about the various issues about my dreams. “What kind of work should I do?” “What kind of person am I?” Although I can't immediately draw any clear future, I have at least one small dream. That is to say, I don't want to live on "going another small step", but I want to live for the happiness and comfort that I have in my work. At that time, I could not clearly answer the question "What kind of future should I choose?", but I think it is enough to have a certain direction, so I am very satisfied and have embraced this dream.

Military Service

In the military, the so-called "frontline troops" refer to the forces that defend the country's northernmost wall. When I joined the army, I started my military career in the area even north of the wall. North Korean soldiers are on the streets visible to the naked eye, and every day they can hear the North Korean broadcast criticizing the South Korean government. When I heard that I had to go to such a place, I was really scared. "Oh, I am really finished!" But what I experienced there is not the same as my thoughts. In the most dangerous and scary places, the door to dreams is open to me.

My office building at the time had a blue UN flag that was crossed with the Korean flag. I walk around this place every day, and the UN flag is always so beautiful. So I occasionally stood in front of it and secretly saluted it. When I started in love, I wanted to live for a job of great value. Standing in front of this flag, I realized that if I work at the United Nations, I might succeed in realizing this dream. From that day on, I began to work hard to find a way to enter the United Nations. Then one day, I found a way. As a soldier, the choice of a United Nations peace-keeping force can achieve this dream. After I realized that I carefully prepared for several months, and I talked to my family, the church, and the teachers of NEIS.

In Middle East

Finally, I was elected a member of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force and travelled to Lebanon in the Middle East in August 2016. The United Nations forces in Lebanon have become the subject of the Korean TV series "The Descendants of the Sun", which is also the area mentioned in the Bible. It is part of the Canaan region and is known as the “land where milk and honey flow”. This is such a beautiful land, the waves of the Mediterranean are so beautiful, the sweet scent of olive trees and orange trees is everywhere. But I found something more beautiful than this: the locals in the camps in this area.

This is my experience of going to the refugee camp one day. I wiped my hand cream while resting, and a girl next to me looked at me curiously. "Do you want to try?" I applied hand cream to her hand. This blue-eyed Middle Eastern child‘s hand already wrinkled because it was cold. She handed the hand cream to her three-year-old brother, tried it on her own, and danced excitedly. "Wow, it smells very sweet and it is too soft!" In my opinion, this child may never have seen hand cream. Seeing that happy child, my heart was broken. She shouted: "Thank you, Mr. Korea!" She clung to her brother's hand and went home to the alley. The children here can be the happiest children in the world with an ointment and a hand cream. When I returned to Korea after working in the Middle East for a year, I decided to dedicate my future to these people.

At Present

Back in Beijing, after graduating from college, I found a job at the UN Asia headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand. The current department I work for is the United Nations Volunteer Programme, which sends a group of volunteers on behalf of the United Nations to undertake humanitarian operations in the Asia-Pacific region.

When I was a soldier in the Middle East, I received a letter from the then UN Secretary-General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon. The Secretary-General said this: "Thank you for your service. You are my colleague and a civil servant who serves the people of the world. The word "servant" often means civil servants, but it also means "people who serves". I think this is the pride of working as a member of an international body. First of all, whether it is a high-level official like the Secretary-General or an ordinary low-level official, everyone can be called "collegue working together for peace." Secondly, each of us is very happy to be a loyal servant of the people of the world. With this dream, I will continue to challenge myself. There is a Chinese old saying "Strive for self-improvement and morality".

Dear NEIS family, I hope that every young brothers and sisters here will live with their precious "real dreams". Although it is not clear now, if you try to stick to your position, your dream will eventually be a "gift." I love you and bless you.

2019. 11. 15.
The 8th class graduate Kim Seon Kee